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Aluminum Oxide Pre Polish
Alumina Polishes
Silicon Carbide Abrasives
Vibra-Dry Compounds
Metal Polishes
Diamond Powder
Premium Cerium Oxide
Tin Oxide

Silicon Carbide Abrasives

These abrasives have sharp, hard grains for fast cutting. Use in tumblers, flat laps, sphere machines or wherever coarse and fine grinding grits are need. The grit sequence below are standard, but can be varied depending on material and need. Standard sequence for rotary tumblers is 60/90, 220 and 600 silicon carbide, followed by a polish. For best results, use an aluminum oxide pre polish. For best results, use an aluminum oxide pre polish 800 frit before the final polish. Use this sam silicon carbide sequence including the aluminum oxide pre-polish., in vibaratory tumblers, and before proceeding to polishing with Vibra-Dry compounds. When lapping add the 400 and 1000 grits to the standard sequence.

Grit sizes actually indicate a range in particle size so that a sample of 220 grit, for example, may have particles ranging from 100 o 300 in size. The more a grit sample is graded or processed, the more the particles are similar in size, and the more expensive the sample becomes. This is the reason that the coarser grits are cheaper than highly refined polishes. MP< Grits are packaged in sturdy containers for convenient storage and use. Prevents leakage and contamination.

Ungraded 60/90 Coarse Grind400-0090-011lb.1 1/4lbs. $5.40
400-0090-022.5 lb.3 lbs. $11.40
400-0090-055 lb.51/2 lbs. $22.00
400-0090-1010 lb.11 1/2lbs. $42.25
400-0090-5050 lb.53 lbs. $154.00
Graded 220 Coarse Grind400-0220-011 lb.1 1/4 lbs. $5.70
400-0220-022 1/2 lb.3 lbs. $12.10
400-0220-055 lb.5 1/2lbs. $23.35
400-0220-1010 lb.11 1/2 lbs. $44.90
400-0220-5050 lb.53 lbs. $164.90
Graded 400 Fine Grind400-0400-011lb.11/4 lbs. $8.35
400-0400-022 lb.3 lbs. $13.60
400-0400-055 lb.5 1/2 lbs. $32.35
Graded 600 Pre-Polish400-0600-011 lb.1 1/4 lbs. $10.35
400-0600-022 lb.2 1/2 lbs. $17.15
400-0600-055 lb.5 1/2 lbs. $41.20
1000 Graded Pre-Polish400-1000-011 lb.1 1/4 lbs. $17.85
400-1000-022 lb.2 1/2lbs. $30.95

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Kits are designed primarily for those just learning the fun of tumbling stones. The abrasives included will polish a variety of stones from soft to hard.

The KW-1 and KD-1 kits contain enough abrasices for approximately 8-10 loads for the MT-4 tumbler. You will have more loads for the KG-1 and less for the Raytech TV-5 and similiar tumblers. The KW-2 kit contains enough abrasives to do about 3-4 loads in tumblers with 8 to 10 pound barrels. The Vibra-Dry compounds can be re-used four or five times in most cases.

When using larger tumblers, especially with Vibra-Dry, it is more economiical to purchase grits in larger quantities, and in the grit sizes to fit your needs.


The KW-1 and KW-2 wet kits can be used in rotary and vibratory tumblers, and use water in each step. Kits contain the following:60/90, 220 and 600 silicon carbide grits, aluminum-oxide prepolish, Lusterite polish, ceramic media for filler, measuring cups, instructions.

403kd10kit 64.25

403kd20kit 85.25 Back to Directory


Vibra-Dry polishing compounds for gemstones are convenient, time saving and re-usable. Vibra-Dry is formulated to be used absolutely dry, just as it comes from the container. It eliminates messy slurries, gels and fillers. It's clean to use - simply separate stones and compound in seconds by screening. Replace compound in it's original container for the next usage. You save time, labor and compound.

Vibra-Dry compounds are formulated for pre-polishing and final polishing only. All material must be pre-finished through #600 Silicon Carbide grit before using Vibra-Dry. Gem materials below 6+ on the MOH scale of hardness usually require a special pre-polish in aluminum oxide pre-polish prior to finishing with dry polishing methods. If material is not properly prepared before using Vibra-Dry, results may not be satisfactory.

Vibra-Dry is not recommended for use in rotary or barrel type tumblers.

Guideline for Selecting Grit Sequence

( 3 to 7.5 MOH scale) Soft to Medium hard Materials, USE GRITS 600 - 2500 - 25000.

( 8 to 8.5 MOH scale) Hard Materials, USE GRITS 1700 - 14000

Vibra-Dry® Standard Compounds

Grit Order # Net Weight Shipping Weight Price
#600 402-03-11-99 1 lb 2 lbs $26.00
#1700 402-03-31-99 1 lb 2 lbs $26.00
#3000 402-03-13-99 1 lb 2 lbs $26.00
#14,000 402-03-15-99 1 lb 2 lbs $32.50
#25,000 402-03-16-99 1 lb 2 lbs $32.50

Vibra-Dry® Extender

New formula is environmentally friendly. Extender relubricates STANDARD Vibra-Dry compounds and extends their life so they can be re-used longer.

Order # 402-10-02-99 -- 4 oz -- $7.50

Burnishing Compound

Use with burnishing media for acieving bright finishes on jewelry metals. Great on both silver and gold. Starting ratio is a heaping tablespoon to a gallon of water. Adjust as necessary.

Order # 400-BC-20 -- Net Weight - 1 lb - Shipping Weight - 1 lb 4 oz -- $4.90 $4.90

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Fillers are an important addition to the stone/grit mix in almost any tumbling sequence or tumbler. Fillers help distribute the grit to the stone or metal part, and act as a cushion between the parts. Steel shot and ceramic bits are commonly used with metal while the softer fillers and plastic pellets are better for stone.

Walnut Shell Filler with Polish

Ground walnut shells treated with red rouge make an excellent final polish for metals including silver, gold, brass, etc. Keeps items separated and aids in the tumbling process. Packaged in 1 lb and 5 lb bags.

Order # 400-WSR-1 -- Net Weight - 1 lb w/rouge - Shipping Weight - 1 lb 4 oz -- us$3.00

Order # 400-WSR-5 -- Net Weight - 5 lb w/rouge - Shipping Weight - 5 lb 4 oz -- us$12.50

Walnut Shell - Plain

Makes a good filler for tumbling gemstones. Keeps stones from hitting one another during the tumbling process.

Order # 400-WS-1 -- Net Weight - 1 lb Plain - Shipping Weight - 1 lb 4 oz -- us$2.50

Order # 400-WS-5 -- Net Weight - 5 lb Plain - Shipping Weight - 5 lb 4 oz -- us$9.50

Plastic Pellets

Use as a filler when polishing stones or metals. Clean to use. Packaged in 1 lb and 5 lb. bags.

Order # 400-PP-1 -- Net Weight - 1 lb - Shipping Weight - 1 lb 4 oz -- us$2.00

Order # 400-PP-5 -- Net Weight - 5 lb - Shipping Weight - 5 lb 4 oz -- us$7.50

Corn Cob Filler

Ground corn cobs. Makes an excellent filler for polishing stones. Softer than Walnut shells. Comes in 1 lb and 5 lb bags.

Order # 400-CC-1 -- Net Weight - 1 lb - Shipping Weight - 1 lb 4 oz -- us$4.00

Order # 400-CC-5 -- Net Weight - 5 lb - Shipping Weight - 5 lb 4 oz -- us$17.50

Ceramic Media

Non-abrasive, angle cut cylinders. Used as a burnishing media on jewelry metals. Approximately 24 hr. break-in. Also used as a filler and carrier in tumbler loads of stone. Really speeds the job and helps leave a super finish. Cylinder size approx. 5/32 x 5/16 inch.

Order # 400-CM-15 -- Net Weight - 1 lb - Shipping Weight - 1 lb 4 oz -- us$5.00

Stainless Steel Shot

Use as a burnishing media for metals. Contains a mixture of balls, ball-cones and angle cut cylinders that are the right shape and size for jewelry work. No pins. Stainless steel shot will not rust. Use with burnishing compound.

Order # 400-SS-10 -- Net Weight - 1 lb - Shipping Weight - 1 lb 4 oz -- us$18.25

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Alumina Polishes

From Reynolds Chemicals comes superior aluminum oxide polishing compounds for both tumbling and lapping processes. New processing techniques produce this extremely fine, well graded polish that in most cases out-performs all other polishing compounds except diamond dust. It compares with the old Linde and tin oxide compounds at considerably less cost.

USING Reynolds Alumina Polish for Flat Laps, Discs, Belts.

All Reynolds Chemicals Alumina slurries for flat laps, discs and belts are simple to make. Mix polish either with water, mineral oil or a 50-50 oil and diswashing detergent mixture.


POLY-AL is our SUPER POLISH. It has an ideal particle size, 0.2 microns, to put a super polish on almost any stone that has been prepared properly for polishing.

Order # 401-ALF-4 - 4 oz size - Ship Wt. 8 oz - us$9.95

Order # 401-ALF-1 - 1 lb size - Ship Wt. 1 1/4 lbs - us$36.00

Order # 401-ALF-5 - 5 lb size - Ship Wt. 5 1/4 lbs - us$164.50


POLY-AL Z is our most ECONOMICAL polishing powder. Gives an excellent polish if given additional time. It is 0.35 microns.

Order # 401-ALZ-4 - 4 oz size - Ship Wt. 8 oz - us$5.90

Order # 401-ALZ-1 - 1 lb size - Ship Wt. 1 1/4 lbs - us$17.70

Order # 401-ALF-5 - 5 lb size - Ship Wt. 5 1/4 lbs - us$78.55


POLY-AL T is SUBMICRON. At 0.8 microns and hard enough to prepare stones for polishing if silicon carbide is used for sanding. As a polish, it is a major improvement over tin oxide. On flat laps, it polishes stones faster than anything but diamond dust.

Order # 401-ALT-4 - 4 oz size - Ship Wt. 8 oz - us$9.85

Order # 401-ALT-1 - 1 lb size - Ship Wt. 1 1/4 lbs - us$35.35

Order # 401-ALT-5 - 5 lb size - Ship Wt. 5 1/4 lbs - us$163.00


POLY-AL LS is an AGGRESSIVE powder. At 1.4 - 1.6 microns, it is an ideal pre-polish.

Order # 401-AL-LS-4 - 4 oz size - Ship Wt. 8 oz - us$4.80

Order # 401-AL-LS-1 - 1 lb size - Ship Wt. 1 1/4 lbs - us$11.80

Order # 401-AL-LS-5 - 5 lb size - Ship Wt. 5 1/4 lbs - us$51.10

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Cerium Oxide Polishing Compound

This is one of the best all purpose polishers. Will provide an excellent polish on almost all stones.

Order # 400-AN-80 -- Net Weight - 1 lb Standard Grade
Shipping Weight - 1 lb 8 oz -- us$7.50

Order # 710-85-2003-1 -- Net Weight - 1 lb Optical Grade
Shipping Weight - 1 lb 8 oz -- us$15.15

Tin Oxide Polishing Compound

Puts an excellent polish on almost all gemstones, including the hard-to-polish ones.

Order # 400-AN-90-4 -- Net Weight - 1/4 lb
Shipping Weight - 6 oz -- us$4.75

Order # 400-AN-90-1 -- Net Weight - 1 lb
Shipping Weight - 1 1/4 lb -- us$18.50

Lusterite Polishing Compound

A hard, finely pulverized pyrochemically produced compound suitable for polishing gems of various hardness. Use Lusterite I as you would cerium or tin oxide. Use Lusterite II for tumbling. Mixes with water, easy to clean up.

Order # 400-AL-65 Lusterite I -- Net Weight - 1 lb
Shipping Weight - 1 lb 8 oz -- us$7.50

Order # 400-AL-75 Lusterite II -- Net Weight - 1 lb
Shipping Weight - 1 lb 8 oz -- us$7.50

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Aluminum Oxide Pre-Polish

For use as a pre-polish on soft and difficult to polish stones such as Apache Tears and Tigereye. Can also be used as a final polish on extremely hard materials ( + 8 on MOH scale ) Great for slabs. 600 grit.

Order # 400-AN-80 -- Net Weight - 1 lb
Shipping Weight - 2 lbs -- us$8.50

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Red Rouge

The standard compound for a final coloring and a high polish on precious metals such as gold and silver. Not for burnished surfaces.

Order # 405-AR-50 -- Bar Weight - 1 3/4 lbs
Shipping Weight - 2 lbs -- us$8.50

Tripoli (Brown)

The most popular general compound for cutting down and buffing base metals. Gives a smooth, satin finish to copper, aluminum, pewter, gold and even hard plastic surfaces. Also ideal for preliminary coloring operations. Comes in Bar form.

Order # 405-AT-20 -- Net Weight - approx 1 lb
Shipping Weight - 2 lbs -- us$2.75

Green Rouge

Produces a super bright finish on most white metals. This rouge has some cutting action and should not be used on plated articles. Works like ZAM on stones. Comes in Bar form.

Order # 405-AG-30 -- Net Weight - approx. 1 1/4 lbs
Shipping Weight - 2 lbs -- us$6.25

White Rouge

Fast cutting, produces high gloss finish on white metal such as stainless and chrome. Bar form.

Order # 405-AW-40 -- Net Weight - approx. 1 1/4 lbs
Shipping Weight - 2 lbs -- us$6.00

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Diamond Powder

This fine quality micron diamond powder has been carefully graded to give you blocky crystals. Use for charging laps, polishing pads - wherever you need a high quality diamond abrasive for polishing stones.

One (1) Carat Vials

Grit Order# Price
100,000 340-P10-1 us$3.00
50,000 340-P50-1 us$3.00
14,000 340-P14-1 us$3.00
8,000 340-P80-1 us$4.50
3,000 340-P30-1 us$4.50
1,200 340-P12-1 us$4.50
600 340-P60-1 us$4.50
325 340-P32-1 us$4.50
260 340-P26-1 us$5.00
180 340-P18-1 us$5.00
100 340-P00-1 us$5.00
80 340-P08-1 us$5.00
60 340-P06-1 us$5.00
Shipping Weight 2 oz. -

Five (5) Carat Vials

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Grit Order# Price
100,000 340-P10-5 us$10.00
50,000 340-P50-5 us$10.00
14,000 340-P14-5 us$10.00
8,000 340-P80-5 us$12.00
3,000 340-P30-5 us$12.00
1,200 340-P12-5 us$12.00
600 340-P60-5 us$12.00
325 340-P32-5 us$12.00
260 340-P26-5 us$12.00
180 340-P18-5 us$15.00
100 340-P00-5 us$16.00
80 340-P08-5 us$16.00
60 340-P06-5 us$16.00
Shipping Weight 2 oz. -

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dispray - Diamond Spray

Diamond Spray

Lapcraft diamond spray comes in a convenient non-aerosol pump spray bottle. The diamond is suspended in a high-tech vehicle packed with one full carat of precisely graded diamond powder. This packaging produces the uniformity of particle dispersion needed to make diamond abrasives most effective without a limited shelf life.

One (1) Carat Vials

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Grit Order# Price
100,000 106-6050 us$9.00
50,000 106-6051 us$9.00
14,000 106-6052 us$9.00
8,000 106-6053 us$9.00
3,000 106-6054 us$9.00
1,800 106-6055 us$9.00
1,200 106-6056 us$9.00
600 106-6057 us$9.00
Shipping Weight 3 oz. -

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dicomp - Diamond Compound

Diamond Compound

Quality diamond compound for your gemstone sanding and polishing needs. This compound exceeds U.S. standards specifications for purity, size and uniformity. The diamonds have been scientifically graded for size and shape, and come in a specially compounded medium for easy, economical application. Each mesh size is color coded for quick identification. Packaged in convenient, disposable plastic syringes in three different quantity sizes.

One (1) Gram Syringe

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Grit Order# Price
100,000 - 1/4 Micron 340-C100-1 us$3.00
50,000 - 1/2 Micron 340-C500-1 us$3.00
14,000 - 1 Micron 340-C140-1 us$3.00
8,000 - 3 Micron 340-C800-1 us$3.00
3,000 - 6 Micron 340-C300-1 us$4.50
1,200 - 15 Micron 340-C120-1 us$6.00
600 - 30 Micron 340-C600-1 us$6.00
325 - 60 Micron 340-C325-1 us$6.00
260 340-C260-1 us$6.00
180 340-C180-1 us$7.00
100 340-C000-1 us$7.00
Shipping Weight per syringe 2 oz.

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Two (2) Gram Syringe

Grit Order# Price
100,000 - 1/4 Micron 340-C100-2 us$4.50
50,000 - 1/2 Micron 340-C500-2 us$4.50
14,000 - 1 Micron 340-C140-2 us$4.50
8,000 - 3 Micron 340-C800-2 us$8.00
3,000 - 6 Micron 340-C300-2 us$11.00
1,200 - 15 Micron 340-C120-2 us$11.00
600 - 30 Micron 340-C600-2 us$11.00
325 - 60 Micron 340-C325-2 us$11.00
260 340-C260-2 us$11.00
180 340-C180-2 us$13.00
100 340-C000-2 us$13.00
Shipping Weight per syringe 2 oz.

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Five (5) Gram Syringe

Grit Order# Price
100,000 - 1/4 Micron 340-C100-5 us$9.00
50,000 - 1/2 Micron 340-C500-5 us$9.00
14,000 - 1 Micron 340-C140-5 us$9.00
8,000 - 3 Micron 340-C800-5 us$17.50
3,000 - 6 Micron 340-C300-5 us$22.00
1,200 - 15 Micron 340-C120-5 us$22.00
600 - 30 Micron 340-C600-5 us$22.00
325 - 60 Micron 340-C325-5 us$22.00
260 340-C260-5 us$22.00
180 340-C180-5 us$25.00
100 340-C000-5 us$25.00
Shipping Weight per syringe 2 oz.

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