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gemlube - Gem Lube Silicone Extender Fluid

Gem Lube. Use this silicone extender fluid with diamond compound on canvas and leather polishing pads, phenolic laps, etc. Provides a lubricant to the polishing surface to keep your gemstone cool and the rock dust in a fluid form that is easily wiped away. Case contains 24 cans. Gem Lube cannot be shipped via air.

Order 410-LUBE.... 2 1/2 oz can .... Shipping Wt. 6 oz ..... $6.25

Order 410-LUBE-C ...... Case .... Shipping Wt. 7 lbs ......... $135.00

microsol - Microsol - Extender Fluid

Microsol Silicone based extender fluid. Use about one drop per six drops diamond compound to help spread compound over pad or lap. Makes compound a little more fluid and easy to spread.

Order 106-1112..... 1 oz vial ..... Shipping Wt. 2 oz. ..... $4.00

Water Aid:  
Water aid is a water additive that helps keep your blades and cutting tools sharp and clean.  Water aid doesn't have the smell of other Lube Cool 4800, but doesn't provide quite the protection to your blade  

Water Aid

Description Price
Water Aid  8 oz.


Water Aid  16 oz.


Water Aid  1 gal



Roc Cut:  
Use "Roc-Cut" in your trim saws, cabbers, faceting units, and sanders. Mix 1 part with 30 parts water. Prevents rusting, non toxic, non-allergenic, has no vapors, odor, or greasy film. *Not for slab saws when cutting quartz material  

Roc Cut

Description Price
1 pint


1 gal



Roc-Oil is an oil coolant that has the advantage that it doesn't stink like other oil coolants and is kind to your skin.  Oil coolants are for heavy duty cutting and provides the greatest protection for your blades.  The other advantage of Roc-Oil is it can be left in your saw without the worry of rusting your blade.  If you cut agates, this is the coolant for you.



Description Price
1 gallon


Case of 4 gallons

cutlube - Cut Lube - Lubricator

Cut Lube for Metal Burs Hi-tech lubrication for most cutting applications. Use with burs or when sawing, drilling or drawing wire to insure cooler, cleaner cuts. Cut-Lube adheres to the tool surface and is less affected by heat than oil. Not only does Cut-Lube make cutting easier and more precise, it adds life to all of your cutting tools. The two ounce stick is made in the U.S.A. and comes in a convenient push up plastic sleeve.

Order 152-BUR-180 ..... Shipping Wt. 3 oz. ..... us$3.95 +$7 shipping