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Foredom ® Hand Power Tools

A foredom ® Miniature Power tool is a flexible shaft machine, consisting of a motor which drives a handpiece by means of a protected flexible shaft. A control provides continuously variable speed.

Foredom Kits

Each of the General Applications Kits below comes with permanently lubricated ball bearing series S Motors. Motors are 1/8" HP with die casst metal housings. FCT-1 solid state foot controls, provide variable speeds up to 18,000 RPM Kits with 220/240V motors are available.

2272 Kit with popular #30 handpiece with key-type 3-jaw geared chuck. COmes with tewlve piece accessory kit.

110/130V15 lbs304.00
220/240V15 lbs314.00

Series "SR" Reversible Machine

The new SR reversible machine has the same specifications as the S machine, but operates in both the forward and reverse rotation. THis makes the SR model especially suited for carving symmetrical and other special texturing designs. Ship wt 15 lbs each.

103 SR FCTFCT foot control $256.00
103 SR SCTSCT foot control $278.00
103 SR EMEM foot control $272.00
FCT-1 Foot operated solid state motor speed control in heavy duty plastic housing.

103-FCT-1 2 lbs $38.00

FCT-1 Foot operated solid state motor speed control in cast iron housing

103-FCT-1 5 lbs $60.00

EM-1 Manually operated solid state motor speed control in impact resistant plastic housing.

103-EM-1 2 lbs $54.00

Hand Pieces

No 30Foredoms most popular handpiece for general use. Geared 3-jaw Jacobs ® chuck takes any size accessory shank or drill bit up to 5/32" diameter. Prelubricated ball bearings require no maintenance. Complete with chick key. 1" dia, 5 1/4" long

103-HP30Weight 6 oz $70.00
Has a collet-type chuck adaptable for using larger accessories. COmes with 1/32" 1/8" and 1/4" collets. Seven collets for 1/16" to 1/4" available in Collet Set 440; 3mm and 6mm also available. Pin and wrench for changing collets included. Prelubricated ball bearings require no maintenace. 1"dia., 5 1/2" long

103-HP44Weight 8 oz $58.75

No 15This hammer handpiece is used by professional jewelers for stone setting and decorative work. Has 1/32" stroke with adjustable impact and comes with an anvil point. A stylus (Part No 10212) with pointed carbide tip is available for texturing. Marking or scribing hardened steel. Recommended speed is o-5,000 RPM. Can be used intermittently at higher speeds. 1.2" dia. at tip 6" long

103-HP15Weight 6 oz $145.00
103-HP15DWeight 6 oz $166.00equipped with duplex connection

No 52 This new handpiece allows quick and easy bur changes with just a push to open chuck and a pull to lock bur in. Lightweight, comfortable plastic barrel and grip. Smooth running, permanetly lubricated ball bearings require no maintenance 3/4 dia., 6"long Weight, 4 oz

103-HP52Weight 8 oz $152.00equipped with duplex connection

No 18 Has exclusive Quick Change press to release collet. Ideal for stone setting and other applications requiring frequent bur changes. Accepts 3/32 shank size accessories. Prelubricated ball bearings require no maintenance. Slimmer grip for fingertip control. 19/32" dia., 7" ong. Weight 3 1/2 oz

103-HP18Weight 6 oz $152.00

Holds the # 30 and #44 handpieces in a vertical position for drilling straight accurate holes, spot facing, countersinking and reaming in gemstones, metal, wood, plastic, and glass. It's a rugged, precision tool made with machined cast iron base, table and housing for stability and accuracy. Both table and drill height are adjustable. Smooth lever-action down stroke. Sturdy locking nut presets stroke depth from 0 to 14 1/4



Kits contain 1 flexible shaft, 1 pair motor brushes, oil and flexible shaft grease. Order according to series number on your machine.

103-MK-1 Kit for CC,DD,MM,R,RB,RM (sleeve bearing)110V $25.00
103-MK-2 Kit for EE,GG,MMG (sleeve bearing) 25.00
103-MK-3 Kit for series F (sleeve bearing) 25.00
103-MK-8 Kit for S,SB,SM,SR,SRB,SRM (ball bearing)110/220V 21.00
103-MK-6 Kit for CC,DD,MM,R,RB,RM (ball bearing)110V 23.50
103-MK-9A Kit for CC,DD,MM,R,RB,RM (ball bearing)220V .23.50
103-93S Shaft for S,R,CC,MM,DD machines .9.00
103-77S Replacement sheaths (Standard) S,R,CC,MM,DD 13.00
103-77N Replacement sheath (Neoprene) S,R,CC,MM,DD14.00
103-119P Motor Brushes for CC, DD, MM machines 7.00
103-2019P Motor Brushes for S, SB, SM, SR, SRB, SRM, K machines 7.00
103-117P Motor Brushes for R, RB, EE, GG and MMG machines 9.00


103-10005 Foredom motor and handpiece oil in hypodermic dispenser3.00
103-10006 Foredom flexible shaft grease ..................................................3.50


103-10177 Anvil point for handpieces Nos. 15 and 15D 4.00
103-72CK Chuck key for handpiece No. 302.50
103-CKH-1 Chuck Key Handle for Nos. 30, 25C, 30H 5.50
Handpiece users. Comes with #0 chuck key in handle. 103-10420 Chuck key holder for handpiece No. 30 .50
103-67CW Pin & chuck wrench for handpiece No. 44B 3.00